A collection of our many fun indoor activity guides, fact sheets and quizzes. This page will be regularly updated so please keep checking back for more fun content!

How to make beach art

Beach art is a great way to help clean up unwanted rubbish that washes up on our shores, such as fishing nets, and have some fun at the same time!

Nature Detective Notebook

After exploring outside this booklet has plenty to do once you've returned home.  A mixture of a nature diary and activity book, something for you to make your own, to be used in and out of class, at the weekends, or together with the family. It is a small little window into the wonderful wildlife of Jersey.

Make a Regency bonnet

Upstairs in the Discovery Room at 16 New Street the Trust has some lovely illustrations of Regency headdresses on display and a selection of bonnets for visitors to try on. This bonnet has been adapted with spring flowers for Easter, but you could make one to wear at any time of the year.

Glass Mermaid

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure. Using assorted sea glass found on the beach, see what you can create!

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

The National Trust for Jersey has joined the growing army of organisations wishing to act more sustainably by joining 'Plastic Free Jersey', and we'd like you to join in with us! Follow these top ten tips to reduce your plastic waste.

How to make a Pressed Flower Card

A homemade card is a lovely way to show a relative or friend that you are thinking about them. These designs were created using flowers from the herb garden at Le Moulin de Quétivel. For best results, choose small flattish flowers that are easy to press - violets, ferns, daisies or hydrangea flowers all work well.

16 New Street Colouring Sheet

Make New Street more colourful with this printable A4 colouring sheet.

How to make a water wheel

These instructions show you how to make a water wheel from recycled bits and pieces in your home. If you put your water wheel under a kitchen tap or garden hose, you can create an ‘overshot’ water wheel like the one at Le Moulin de Quètivel, where the weight of the water filling the buckets from overhead causes the wheel to turn.

Holiday At Home

Now that taking holidays are a distant memory, and with the children on their Easter break, why not re-create that holiday feeling at home? Try and re-create the feeling and activities that you would normally do in a hotel, Centre Park or on a campsite.

Growing Tomatoes

You can grow tomato plants from seed using a propagator in a greenhouse, but this can be also achieved by propagating them on a south facing windowsill or in a conservatory. A propagator is like an incubator for your seeds, a mini greenhouse made of plastic, with vents so you can manage the temperature inside. If you don’t have one, why not make your own using a plastic bottle or container?

Growing Radish In Containers

One of the easiest vegetables for budding gardeners to grow is radish. Radish can be grown in containers or directly into the soil. What makes it interesting is that the crop can be harvested within three to four weeks after sowing.

Bring the outside in!

Whether young or old, it’s hard to resist filling your pockets with interesting ‘treasures’ whilst exploring our magnificent island.

16 New Street Spotter Chart

Discover 16 New Street Georgian House, and see if you can find these household objects.

How to make plastic flowers

Using some old plastic bottles, see if you can create these funky recycled flowers for decoration in the home or outside in your garden.

How to recycle paper

Make your own bookmark by recycling old paper from around your household.

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