A collection of our many fun outdoor activity guides, fact sheets and quizzes. This page will be regularly updated so please keep checking back for more fun content!

Toad Abode

Our Education team are presenting a range of activities to encourage you to give nature a home, namely ‘Animal Abodes’. Building a toad abode
is a fun, creative way to help out our amphibious amigos and a lovely addition to any garden. Many thanks to the RSPB for the great idea.

Bug Bungalow

These ‘Bug-alow’s are a great and easy way to reuse your old tin cans and entice insect diversity into your garden.

Build a Wormery

Help your kids discover the wonder of earthworms by building your own wormery! It’s a brilliant hands-on experiment that will bring science to life and let your children learn all about what goes on underground

Scavenger Hunt

Ahoy there! I have an exciting scavenger hunt for you. You will need to look carefully on the beaches and the sand dunes at St Ouen to find these treasures. See if you can find them all!

Family Friendly Cycle Trail

This cycle trail has been designed for all members of the family to enjoy in and around the St Ouen area. Starting from Les Pres d ’Auvergne heading towards Val de la Mare reservoir, a quick stop for Ice Cream at Le Port, and back again.

Litter Loot Treasure Hunt

Ahoy there! Did you know that there are 5,000,000,000 pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans ?! That’s as heavy as 9 Statues of Liberty! Me and my ocean friends really need your help collecting litter from the beaches. See how many points you can score and you might even win a prize if you score the highest!

Coastal Strip Plant Spotting

Take a walk along the footpath between the White House and Sands and see how many of these coastal plants you can identify.

Rockpool Rambles

Go on a Rockpool Ramble! Jersey is blessed with an amazing coastline full of incredible animals and plants. See how many sea creatures and different seaweeds you can identify.

Bug Safari

Stop for a minute in any outdoor area and you will find creeping, crawling and flying mini beasts all around you. An average garden could holdup to 2,000 different species of creepy-crawly animals so grab your magnifying glass and start hunting!

Hop To It!

Let's go pond-dipping! If you want to see some truly unusual creatures, dip into the weird and wonderful world of freshwater animals. Dragonflys, water beetles, ducks, slow worms there's lot's to discover!

Nature Detective Notebook

This booklet is a mixture of a nature diary and activity book, something for you to make your own, to be used in and out of class, at the weekends, or together with the family. It is a small little window into the wonderful wildlife of Jersey.

Hunting for Mermaid’s Purses

Go treasure hunting on the beach, especially after a storm and along the tide line and see what you can find.

Discover Barn Owl Pellets

Pull on your wellington boots and take a walk around one of our wild sites such as Grantez or Plémont and see what you can discover, you may be surprised at what you will find…

Spring Wildlife Watch

Now we are enjoying sunnier and longer days during springtime, why not get out and see what wildlife you can spot?

Night-time Scavenger Hunt

Go on a night-time scavenger hunt, choose a dry night and head out somewhere familiar to discover how different things seem under cover of dark.

Woodland Wonder

Why don’t you go on a woodland wander and have a look around you; how many different tree species can you see?

Create a wildlife pond

Garden ponds are an invaluable wildlife resource; they support a greater number of animal species than any other type of habitat. If you think you don't have space for a garden pond then think again! You may be surprised to know that you can create a mini pond from old materials that could even fit on a balcony!

Garden Bird Spotting Quiz

There are ten common garden birds to be found in this family quiz.

Bird Bingo

When Spring has well and truly sprung and those of us who are prepared to clamber out of bed early will be fortunate to enjoy one of nature’s greatest phenomenon, the dawn chorus. Why not set yourself a challenge and try to memorise the calls of six common birds by tuning in for a game of Bird Bingo?

Garden Bug Safari

Stop for a minute in any area of your garden and you will find creeping, crawling and flying mini beasts all around you. An average garden could holdup to 2,000 different species of creepy-crawly animals so grab your magnifying glass and start hunting!

Make a hedgehog feeding station

Using a simple plastic storage container, you can make the perfect space for hedgehogs to come and have a delicious meal!

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