Biodiversity Workshops


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Biodiversity Workshops

Rich biodiversity is essential for life as we know it on this planet, and it is sadly facing a number of threats. It provides the food we eat and cleans our water and air. Sadly, all is not well for Earth’s biodiversity, as we are losing animals’ homes and species at a very fast rate. By completing some of these activities, children will have a chance to understand what is happening to our biodiversity and discover some actions they can take to stop it.

The biodiversity workshops consist of three (half hour) activities and are designed to last 1.5 hours. Available venues (according to the selected activities): In-school, Wetland Centre (and surrounding area), Frances Le Sueur Centre and pond, Noir Pré/ Sand-dunes in St Ouen/ woodland setting, Victoria Tower. We have other biodiversity-related activities available, if you have a particular site you would like your group to visit or a specific topic that is not covered in our Education Programme, please speak to our Education Officer.

The school curriculum-linked activities are split into 3 main areas:

  • Learn about the natural world, its ecosystems, and threats to it
  • Expolore the natural world and find out if and why certain animals, plants, and habitats in Jerse are struggling
  • Take action to protect our natural seas

It is with the generous sponsorship of Jersey Electricity that has enabled us to not only create these wonderful educational activities, but to also provide them free of charge to schools and home-schooled children.

To arrange a Biodiversity Workshop for your school, club or organisation, please get in touch with our Education Officer via the contact form below.