Welcome to The National Trust for Jersey brand guidelines

The National Trust for Jersey (National Trust Jersey) mission is to protect Jersey’s natural beauty and historic places, for all, forever.

Our new logo, which includes the Jersey Elm Leaf as the marque, projects the values of our brand. It is contemporary, clean and flexible to enable us to apply it consistently across a range of media. We believe that like our previous branding, our new look is classical and will stand the test of time.

As the cornerstone of all our communication efforts, our brand guidelines must be followed carefully to ensure a consistent style and quality of presentation across all that we do from online communications through print to merchandise and signage.

The following pages present a clear and comprehensive set of guidelines for all to follow. If you encounter new branding challenges for which you require help with guidelines, please contact: or phone Jersey 483193


You can download a copy of our brand guidelines by clicking the image above or here: NTJ-brand-guidelines-A4 (3.4MB PDF).

Download our logo files

You can download our logo files for screen or for print, to use to produce materials that we have requested.

For print we supply EPS vector files, in CMYK (process) colour or Pantone (spot) colour, which can be reproduced at any size without degradation. If you’re not working on a graphics computer, you may not be able to ‘open’ the files – but you can see them simply by importing (‘placing’) them into a programme. Download a complete set of EPS logos here, either in CMYK or Pantone colours.

For screen we have a selection of RGB PNGs – but since all screen logos have a set resolution and size, if you have the capabilities, we recommend you create logos to your required size from the vector files. We don’t provide JPEGs of our logo as this format is only for photographs and doesn’t render graphics well and degrades every time you save it. Download a complete set of PNG logos here.

Our logo can be used with or without the patron, and we supply a choice of colour ways so that the logo can have impact on a dark or light background. When absolutely pressed for space, we have a horizontal version of the logo, but this should be used sparingly.

Our corporate font is Cabrito Semi Sans, we only have a single licence for ourselves, so are unable to supply it to others.