The Trust’s Lands team have been delighted to work with Michelle Caine and Alcindo Pinto in developing an amazing willow toad structure at Le Don Sinkins in Waterworks Valley.

Michelle, originally from The Wirral, but now residing in rural Wales, has made quite a name for herself with her larger than life willow sculptures, and together with local environmentalist artist Alcindo and Neil Harvey the Trust’s Senior Ranger and several local artists they have installed a willow sculpture trail along the woodland path in Waterworks Valley which depicts the various life stages of the local Crapaud from spawn to adult toad.

The Crapaud had been made from locally grown willow – note the warts and the wonderful red eyes!

Toads are such an iconic species for Jersey, toad numbers are thought to be in decline and their conservation status unknown according to a 10 year “Toad Watch” project by Dr Wilkinson, the States Environment Department and Durrell. The project showed just how important small garden ponds are for our toad population and so we’d like our sculpture trail to encourage toad conservation and celebrate our toads which face increasing difficulties with connectivity during breeding due to high volumes of traffic and loss of terrestrial habitat.

It is hoped that the trail will provide a full educational link between Hamptonne and its beautiful surrounding countryside and encourage further exploration into the heart of the Islands countryside.

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