Jersey Electricity is asking its customers to ‘turn over a new leaf’ this autumn and switch from paper bills to ebills and in so doing help the National Trust for Jersey to restore the Island’s Elm tree population previously devastated by Dutch Elm Disease.

The Trust’s CEO Charles Alluto said: ‘The Elm leaf is our new logo and is symbolic as the Island used to be full of this tree until Dutch Elm disease wiped most of them out. To commemorate our 80th year we’re aiming to plant 80 disease resistant Elms in various community centres around the Island. In addition, we have launched a “Hedge Fund”. Hedges are so important to wildlife, providing food, shelter and nesting for birds as well as providing safe travel networks for hedgehogs, lizards, slow worms, toads, bank voles and shrews. We hope to plant 1km of hedges a year around our own land. We are very pleased that Jersey Electricity and its customers can help us with both these important projects.’

Jersey Electricity will donate £5 to the Trust’s Elm Tree Planting project and Wildlife Hedge Fund for every customer that switches.

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