Family Friendly Cycle Trail

This cycle trail has been designed for all members of the family to enjoy in and around the St Ouen area. Starting from Les Pres d ’Auvergne heading towards Val de la Mare reservoir, a quick stop for Ice Cream at Le Port, and back again.

St Ouen’s Trail

The aim of this trail is to guide you through the sights and sounds of St. Ouen's Bay, stopping off at important and interesting landmarks and locations while you collect answers as you go.

Mont Grantez Walk

At this time of year St Ouen is at its most picturesque with masses of wild flowers, thriving insect populations and frenetic bird life. It is important to always keep an eye out for the unusual, who knows you may spot a rarity such as a grass snake or a bird called the White Throat that nests among the gorses. On a fine day this can be a very warm walk so best to carry liquid refreshment with you.

Rockpool Rambles

Go on a Rockpool Ramble! Jersey is blessed with an amazing coastline full of incredible animals and plants. See how many sea creatures and different seaweeds you can identify.

Bug Safari

Stop for a minute in any outdoor area and you will find creeping, crawling and flying mini beasts all around you. An average garden could holdup to 2,000 different species of creepy-crawly animals so grab your magnifying glass and start hunting!

Hop To It!

Let's go pond-dipping! If you want to see some truly unusual creatures, dip into the weird and wonderful world of freshwater animals. Dragonflys, water beetles, ducks, slow worms there's lot's to discover!

Litter Loot Treasure Hunt

Ahoy there! Did you know that there are 5,000,000,000 pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans ?! That’s as heavy as 9 Statues of Liberty! Me and my ocean friends really need your help collecting litter from the beaches. See how many points you can score and you might even win a prize if you score the highest!

Nature Detective Notebook

This booklet is a mixture of a nature diary and activity book, something for you to make your own, to be used in and out of class, at the weekends, or together with the family. It is a small little window into the wonderful wildlife of Jersey.

Les Mielles Circular walk

Wildlife and wild places greet you at every turn on this short but exhilarating circular walk from La Mare au Seigneur through La Mielle de Morville nature reserve to Les Monts Grantez. The walk offers a gentle tour through wooded valleys with spectacular views of St Ouen’s Bay.

Foraging for edible seaweeds

Our unique environment in Jersey is host to a huge variety of wild edibles. Some of the great wild edibles we have come from our shores. As the tide retracts each day a treasure trove of flavours and health benefits are awaiting us.

We do like to fly beside the seaside

While Jersey’s wonderful coastline offers us, the pleasure seeker, a multitude of leisure related opportunities, quite a few bird species regard the shoreline as an essential means of survival relying , as they do, on gaining sufficient protein from all things maritime, a fine selection of wading birds spend the majority of their time along our beaches, generally unnoticed yet rarely unseen as they go about their tidal shift-work.

Buried Treasure

A stroll along a Jersey beach is like participating in an endless treasure hunt whose gold and jewels are the myriad of sea creatures that live among the sand and rocks or are washed onto the shore from deeper waters. With over 300 different species of seashell and long sandy beaches on which they may be washed up, Jersey is one the best places in Europe for collecting shells.

Bloomin’ Marvellous

During the spring and summer months Jersey is transformed by the vibrant colours of its native wildflowers. Among the most spectacular are the Wild Orchids found in The National Trust for Jersey’s ‘Orchid Fields’ at Le Noir Pré in St Ouen’s Bay. The Trust are inviting islanders to spend some of their daily exercise time during this half term, get some fresh air and marvel at the wonderful sight of these stunning blooms in the west of the Island. Help us maintain everyone’s safety by following the rules listed below:

  1. Please follow the one way system which is signposted at each site and observe social distancing (minimum of 2 metres away from anyone not in your household)
  2. Please use public car parks in the vicinity when available
  3. Stay safe and do not touch gates etc.,
  4. Only visit as part of your 4 hour exercise allocation
  5. Please only walk on the marked footpath
  6. Please keep all dogs on leads
  7. Please do not pick any flowers or plants

How to make beach art

Beach art is a great way to help clean up unwanted rubbish that washes up on our shores, such as fishing nets, and have some fun at the same time!

Scavenger Hunt

Ahoy there! I have an exciting scavenger hunt for you. You will need to look carefully on the beaches and the sand dunes at St Ouen to find these treasures. See if you can find them all!

Plant Spotters Guide

Take a walk along the footpath between the White House and Sands and see how many of these coastal plants you can identify.

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