The National Trust for Jersey notes the Commissioner’s observations regarding the sale of La Ronce and of its own volition has implemented a number of policies to actively address his concerns. The Council is grateful to the Commissioner for his input and feedback in respect of its revised policies.

The Trust’s Council remains of the view that the sale of La Ronce was essential to release much needed equity for the repair and refurbishment of the historic buildings in its care.
The Council believes that the price achieved represented good value and was based upon independent professional valuations at the time of the offer. The price also significantly exceeded the increase in the Jersey House Price Index since the previous professional valuations secured 12 months earlier. However, the Trust’s Council acknowledges that greater transparency would have been afforded if the property had been placed on the open market and will ensure that such procedures are followed for any future disposals.

Finally the Trust’s Council notes the Commissioner’s concluding remarks namely “in his view, the responses and changes outlined, and their communication to members and to the public
in the manner described, along with the constructive exchanges that he has had with members of the Council of the Trust, represent a satisfactory outcome to the episode. His dossier is now closed.”