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Le Coleron Battery

Situated on a promontory to the south of the harbour jetty at St Brelade’s Bay, this granite paved battery is surrounded by sea on all sides except to the north.

Constructed during the reign of George III in order to defend the bay, the battery was originally manned by one Non-Commissioned Officer and 14 men with firelocks. In these more peaceful times it is a truly tranquil spot from which to enjoy enchanting views of the entire bay.


Go past St Brelade’s Bay Church where you will find a small car park on the right. Just opposite the entrance to the car park is a private road called Le Chemin des Creux which you should walk up until you see a small footpath on the left, just past a property on the left. The footpath is known as the Fishermen’s Path and it will take you down the quay. Once at the quay you will see some steps on your right leading up to a footpath to the battery.

Le Chemin de Creux, St Brelade