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16 New Street, Georgian House

Give your students an unforgettable experience and show them how people lived 200 years ago in one of the finest Georgian town houses in St Helier.

To walk through the front door of 16 New Street is to step back in time and experience life in Regency Jersey. This magnificent Georgian town house, which has been restored by the National Trust to reinstate its appearance c.1815, offers a unique learning environment where children can immerse themselves in the past through the sights and smells of the working house. Themed workshops include the following topics:

Houses & Homes:
How does The Georgian House compare with your own home? Tour the house to investigate what is the same and what is different. The tour highlights such things as how water, heating and lighting is provided, as well as hygiene and diet.

Meet the Journeaux Family
Find out about the family who used to live at 16 New Street and discover how they spent their day. Children will be introduced to George, the footman, who will be their guide for the morning; Louisa, the housekeeper, who will tell pupils about life as a servant at 16 New Street; and Mrs Journeaux, the lady of the house, whose pastimes include embroidery and drinking tea, which she keeps under lock and key in the drawing room!

Children will have the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy an immersive historical visit
  • Develop historical enquiry skills in an inspirational way
  • Handle original artefacts
  • Wear replica costumes
  • Take part in a range of hands-on activities
  • Learn about the life a child 200 years ago

Each workshop will last one and a half hours (maximum group size 16)
Price per session £50
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An outline of the workshop

9:30 The group is greeted at the door by George, the footman, who takes the pupils into the office where they will be given the opportunity to dress in replica period costume. The Trust’s House and Collections Manager will give the group some background information about the history of the house and show them an album of photographs so that they can get an impression of what the building was like before it was restored by the Trust.

9:40 The children go into the working Georgian Kitchen where they are met by Louisa, the cook/housekeeper of 16 New Street. Louisa will talk about the features of the kitchen, making reference to items on display including salted cod, herbs and meats that were common ingredients of the time. She will then engage the children in the preparation of period recipes.

10:15 From the kitchen the group will pass into the family Dining Room where Louisa will explain the replica food on the table and point out some of the features of the room.

10:20 Moving upstairs to the Drawing Room, the children are introduced to the lady of the house, Mrs. Journeaux. The group sits on the rug while Mrs Journeaux talks a little about lace making, and embroidery, before introducing subjects including deportment, dancing, tea drinking and letter writing.

10:40 George, the footman, takes the group to the children’s bedroom on the top floor of the house, where he talks briefly about schooling, and makes reference to the contents of the room including the replica games, bed clothing and chamber pot. Taken onto the landing, they meet the Ghost of 16 New Street (a projection in the staircase leading to the attic) and flush the innovative Regency lavatory.

10:50 Stopping briefly in the Master Bedroom on the first floor, the group goes downstairs. Schools may bring digital camera for their use. The children change in the office and depart through the front door.


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16 New Street, St Helier, JE2 3RA.