Support: Legacy

Leaving a gift in your will

Without gifts in wills, the National Trust for Jersey would face an uncertain future as a charity. They are that important.
Careing for special places is a major responsibility. We do it because the alternative – losing the historic house, countryside and coast that we love would be unthinkable.
As a charity, the memberships we receive are vital, but they aren’t enough to cover our on-going costs.
The gifts that generous supporters leave us is their wills vary each year, but can make a big difference to help us care for our 1272 Vergées of land, 170 sites, 24 historic buildings and 19,000meters of footpath.

Can you help us to secure their future and to remember the causes you and your loved ones are passionate about?
Any gift, no matter how large or small makes a lasting difference. Rest assured that whatever gift you leave will be used wisely and effectively.
If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to the National Trust for Jersey and perhaps visit some of our ongoing projects, then please contact Charles Alluto on 01534 483193 you would like to discuss