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Grantez Headland

This extensive area of maritime heathland above St Ouen’s Bay enjoys breathtaking views from Corbiere to L’Etacq.

The open landscape at Grantez provides ample space for walking and recreational use. There are a number of footpaths that allow public access across the entire site. The area consists of six National Trust sites in total, with spectacular views over St Ouen’s Bay. Mostly covered with maritime grass heathland, this site provides valuable habitat for the Green Lizard as well as for Kestrels and Sparrowhawks.

The passage-grave at Grantez dates back to around 4000-3250 BC and is made from local granite. It was known as Lé Cuex ès Faît’tchieaux due to the belief that it had been built by fairies or dwarfs. The dolmen is owned and maintained by the Société Jersiaise who excavated it in 1912.

The National Trust for Jersey welcomes dog walkers to the area, however it is farmland and is often grazed by sheep as part of the management programme. We would ask therefore that dog walkers be mindful as to the presence of sheep and also ensure that any dog mess is picked up and taken home.

Le Chemin des Monts, St Ouen JE3 2GT

Limited on site parking available.

Facilities and Access
There are no facilities on site and access to the area is restricted due to uneven ground.

There are public toilets opposite Jersey Pearl, a short drive away and refreshment stops along the Five Mile Road.

Must See: The Trust holds Sunset Concerts at Grantez annually on the first weekend of July. The events are very relaxed and charming and picnickers and revellers can enjoy the harmonic sounds of a variety of bands performing in the beautiful natural amphitheatre whilst the sun sets into the sea.