The demo fence is up! This is a section of predator-proof fence for the proposed Seabird Reserve. Please see below for information on how to find it and participate in the public survey.

This is a Birds On the Edge initiative to create the first predator-free reserve in Europe, to safeguard Jersey’s puffins and other native species.

Our puffins are heading for extinction

• 100 years ago there were 1200-1800 puffins, razorbills and guillemots in Jersey

• Many coastal species are now extinct and there are only 8 puffins left that come back every year to try to breed

• Puffin chicks should come back here when they are ready to breed, but there have been no new pairs of puffins for decades

Introduced predators are eating their eggs & chicks

• Research suggests that our puffin chicks are not making it out alive

• Rats and ferrets are eating the eggs and chicks of puffins and other wildlife

• Our adult puffins will eventually die and become extinct, and other species will follow

• A predator-proof fence is the only feasible way to keep the rats and ferrets away

Without a fence, there won't be any puffins

• The SHIELD project aims to create a seabird reserve by removing the predators and installing a predator-proof fence

• It is a new technology that is working very well in New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii

• Albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters, kiwis, lizards and other species are thriving inside areas protected by these fences • Without a fence there is no future for our puffins and other coastal wildlife

What will the predator proof fence look like?

• The fence is tall and strong, and is built to stop rats and other introduced predators

• It will be placed 20-30m below the footpath

• It will not go through any footpaths or cut off public areas

• The fence will be visible from some parts of the footpath

We do hope that you will take the opportunity to visit the site and have a look for yourself. The demo fence is located on the eastern side of the Plémont headland.

We really want to hear your opinion, so please complete the public survey by clicking on this link.


What Have You Heard? - Facts Vs Rumours

Want to learn more?

Download the Leaflet

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Jersey - 100 Years Ago

Seabird Trail Brochure
Seabird Trail Booklet

Supporters of the reserve

 Letter of Support on behalf of  Visit Jersey  READ MORE

Letter of Support on behalf of the Société Jersiaise READ MORE   

The project in the news

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Community News:

Colouring Competition

Please send us your most colourful, creative design on this template drawing, created exclusively by a local artist.

You stand a chance to win exciting prizes and see your work displayed in exhibitions!

Age categories are 5-7 and 8-12.

Deadline in the 18th July, with awards presented on the 23rd July at the Harbour Gallery in StHelier.