A planning application has been submitted for a temporary 15m long ‘demo’ fence. To read the application click here


The fence is the only solution to stop the threats that Puffins face in Jersey.

Jersey puffins and other wildlife are at risk of extinction. Their threats on land – rats, ferrets, cats – can be stopped with a special fence. This is currently the only feasible, sustainable, and realistic solution – and is already working well in island nations like New Zealand and Hawai’i.

It will be 100% paid for by donations made specifically for this project

The money will not come from the taxpayer. This project will be funded with donations from individuals and organisations who want to save the puffins and other seabirds at Plémont.

Seabird Reserve

It will look like a barrier and we will do our best to blend it with the landscape.

It will be two meters tall, approximately one mile long, placed alongside the cliffs and below the coastal footpath, so you will be able to see it from above.We will try to mitigate its visual impact with the right colours and materials, but it will still have some visual impact on the landscape.

Sitting on the Fence?

To find out more about the Seabird Reserve project and the predator fence? Why not read this booklet which contains a lot of interesting and factual information about their decline and what we can do to help them reestablish their populations around our coastline.

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#The Seabird Trail

Why not walk the wonderful Seabird Trail from Plémont and Grève de Lecq and enjoy the splendour of these breathtaking coastal views. See how many species of native seabirds you can spot soaring above the cliffs or swimming and diving for food in the waters below? The Walk is approximately 2.7km and takes around 2 hours, although that depends on how many seabirds you spot!

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Seabird Trail Brochure

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