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Seas Workshops

Our seas cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and are essential for life on the planet. Seas provide food, control the Earth’s temperature and weather, and provide half of the world’s oxygen. Serious damage is being done to our seas through over-fishing, pollution, rising temperatures, and plastic waste. By completing one of the Seas workshops, students will have the opportunity to understand how seas work, the creatures that live in them, and how they can play a role in protecting our seas for future generations.

The Seas workshops consist of three (half hour) activities and are designed to last 1.5 hours. Available venues (according to the selected activities): Wetland Centre, various beach locations – La Rocque (toilets available), Le Hocq (toilets available), Les Laveurs (opposite Jersey Pearl – toilets available), L’Etacq. If you have a particular beach you would like your group to visit, please speak to our Education Officer.

The school curriculum-linked activities are split into 3 main areas:

  • Learn about our seas and the creatures that rely on them plus threats such as pollution as invasive species.
  • Explore our seas and the intertidal areas
  • Take action to help save our seas and the species that live in them

It is with the generous sponsorship of Jersey Electricity that has enabled us to not only create these wonderful educational activities, but to also provide them free of charge to schools and home-schooled children.

To arrange a Seas Workshop for your school, club or organisation, please get in touch with our Education Officer via the contact form below.