In memory of a loved one

Support: Legacy In memory of a loved one Only you can know your loved one’s connection with our work, may be there is a place that holds precious memories- a beach where you liked to walk together, a favourite view where you spend a memorable afternoon. Your gift in memory could be used as a … Read More

Donating a funeral collection

Support: Legacy Donating a funeral collection All the funeral or memorial service of a loved one, friends and family sometimes like to have the option of giving a donation to a charity. We are very grateful to all who remember their loved one by making a gift to the Trust in this way. Funeral directors … Read More

Leaving a gift in your will

Support: Legacy Leaving a gift in your will Without gifts in wills, the National Trust for Jersey would face an uncertain future as a charity. They are that important. Careing for special places is a major responsibility. We do it because the alternative – losing the historic house, countryside and coast that we love would … Read More