Victoria Tower

Enjoy: Picnics Victoria Tower Situated on a hill-top, Victoria Tower is surrounded by wooded slopes and cotils, overlooking Anne Port Bay, St Catherine’s Pier, and Mont Orgueil Castle.

Le Don Le Quesne,
Le Hocq

Enjoy: Picnics Le Don Le Quesne, Le Hocq Sandwiched between the beach and St Clement’s coast road is a small strip of land on which the old Eastern Railway used to run between 1873 and 1929.

Vicard Point

Enjoy: Picnics Vicard Point Formerly the site of a bungalow reputed to have been stayed in by Miss Katherine Hepburn, this coastal site enjoys stunning views of France and the other Channel Islands.

Portelet Common

Enjoy: Picnics Portelet Common Famed as a significant hunting site for our Paleolithic and Neolithic ancestors, this coastal heath land area provides dramatic views of St Brelade’s Bay and L’Ouasiné Common.

Grantez Headland

Enjoy: Picnics Grantez Headland This extensive area of maritime heathland above St Ouen’s Bay enjoys breathtaking views from Corbiere to L’Etacq.