In 2004 Mrs Sylvia Biggar very generously gifted 21 vergées of coastal land surrounding her property at La Coupe to the National Trust, as she wanted to ensure that the natural beauty she had enjoyed during her life time, together with her late husband Nigel Biggar, would be permanently protected for the benefit of the Island. She was passionate about the coastline at La Coupe, having enjoyed swimming in the bay below, as well as the amazing views that were afforded from her house towards the early C19 watchtower, the Ecrehous and France in the distance. We are honoured that Mrs Biggar had sufficient faith in our organisation to protect the land which was evidently so dear to her, and the Trust has worked hard over the years to ensure that her faith was well placed. The area receives an annual cut and improvements were undertaken to the car park a few years ago in liaison with the Parish of St Martin.

On Liberation Day in 2013, Mrs Biggar, sadly passed away and kindly left the Trust a financial bequest in excess of £50,000. She also left bequests to a range of other local charities. That Mrs Biggar should have chosen to support us in this way is much appreciated and we hope that in time we will be able to use the funds to safeguard another area of Jersey’s natural beauty.

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