The Arrival of the Puffins is a unique festival that highlights the plight of these wonderful birds and the key role Jersey has to play in in order to protect and save the Puffins and other seabirds. There are a series of activities as well us the unveiling of the magnificent Puffin - willow sculptures that have been created to highlight these challenges. This event is open to everyone so please come along and join us!

        Event runs from 11h-13h. All public welcome

-        Between 11h - 13h a Puffin Watch with Jersey Birding Tours

-        At 11h - (near sculptures) - Winning poems read by the authors, presentation of prizes.

-        Two music gigs, by the sculptures (on the hour) 11h and 12h

-        Two seabird trail walks at 11.30h and 12.30h

#The Seabird Trail

Why not walk the wonderful Seabird Trail from Plémont and Grève de Lecq and enjoy the splendour of these breathtaking coastal views. See how many species of native seabirds you can spot soaring above the cliffs or swimming and diving for food in the waters below? The Walk is approximately 2.7km and takes around 2 hours, although that depends on how many seabirds you spot!

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Seabird Trail Brochure

# The Puffin Poetry Competition

The National Trust for Jersey and Birds On The Edge are excited to announce the first children’s poetry competition dedicated to our Puffins.We would like to invite all children aged up to 13 years to submit a poem for the Arrival of the Puffins celebration which is taking place at Plémont in April.

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