Pollinators Workshops


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Pollinators Workshops

Many pollinators – both insects and other animals – are in decline. Wild pollinators are dying out all over the world, and we rely on them for nearly all our food. This is a result of their habitats being destroyed and pollution with chemicals. By completing these workshops, children will be able to learn all about our pollinators and discover some actions to help them.

The Pollinators workshops consist of three (half hour) activities and are designed to last 1.5 hours. Available venues (according to the selected activities): In-school, The Elms –Walled Garden, Victoria Tower.

The school curriculum-linked activities are split into 3 main areas:

  • Learn about pollination and our pollinators
  • Explore our local pollinators
  • Take action to support our local pollinators

It is with the generous sponsorship of Jersey Electricity that has enabled us to not only create these wonderful educational activities, but to also provide them free of charge to schools and home-schooled children.

To arrange a Pollinator Workshop for your school, club or organisation, please get in touch with our Education Officer via the contact form below.