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Protecting and preserving Jersey’s coastline

The Coastline Campaign is a public campaign to protect and preserve areas of Jersey’s coast forever and for everyone.

North, South, East or West, the unique and striking beauty of Jersey’s undeveloped coastline very much defines the character and nature of our island. With steep cliffs in the north, sheltered wooded inlets in the east, the sun-drenched slopes of the south, and the open swathes of dune land in the west, the diverse coastline of Jersey encompasses an unparalleled richness of habitat and heritage.

Archaeological treasures including Neolithic dolmens and Iron Age forts are interspersed amongst an agricultural landscape defined by dry stone walls, hedgerows, banks and tracks. Bird life is abundant, coastal slopes are carpeted in bracken and gorse, with heather and wild flowers adding to this rich tapestry.

When the National Trust for Jersey launched its Coastline Campaign in March 2006, it set itself three aims for Jersey’s coastline; namely save, restore and educate. Due to the generosity of our benefactors and partners, we have saved Plémont and now care for ten additional coastal sites amounting to 142 vergées.

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Our Coastal Campaign is vital at this moment in time. Despite improved planning control, the coastline of Jersey is still vulnerable to increasing and inappropriate development. Areas of the south-east coast and recent developments at Portelet and La Coupe perfectly illustrate how the natural beauty of Jersey can be irrevocably damaged.

To a large extent the ability of our coastline to sustain all of these pressures will depend on how it is protected and managed. With government policy subject to economic pressures, we believe that both the National Trust for Jersey and the island community has a crucial role to play in protecting Jersey’s coastline.

Our coast is wonderfully diverse and we all enjoy it – at the beach, walking the coastal footpaths, fishing with friends, exploring rock pools with children, diving, sailing or quite simply taking in the views. We all make use of it, so together it’s time to protect it.

Our vision for the coastline campaign for the next twenty years is to ensure that Jersey’s remaining areas of unspoilt coastline are permanently protected, clean and healthy, rich in wildlife and accessible for both Islanders and visitors to enjoy.

To help secure our vision we have pledged to permanently safeguard a further 1,000 vergées of unspoilt coastline by 2036. This will only be achieved with your support. Through your generosity and support we have so far raised an incredible £8.1 million enabling us to save Plémont, restore Devil’s Hole, and acquire a small number of additional sites. With your help we can continue to build upon our early success and realise our long term vision of having a coastline protected forever and for everyone.

Our Pledge to Islanders

We promise that any land acquired through the National Trust for Jersey Coastline Campaign will be treated as inalienable, thereby preventing the land from being mortgaged or sold at any time in the future. In addition, any money raised will not be used for administration but will be solely allocated towards the cost of acquisition or management of the coastline.

Supporting the Coastline Campaign

If you would like to help us continue to safeguard our coastline then please consider making a donation either online, setting up a monthly direct debit or simply by calling 483193. Alternatively if you would like any more information about the campaign then please feel free to contact Charles Alluto at the above number or

Gifts of coastal land

Within our community, a strong tradition of gifting exists, exemplified by the generous gifts of Devil’s Hole in 2006, La Coupe in 2004 and Le Don Paton in 1995. If you would like to find out more about gifting coastal land to the Coastline Campaign then please contact Charles Alluto as above.


Any legacy, whatever size, will support the National Trust for Jersey’s Coastline Campaign. If you would like more information about leaving a legacy to the Coastline Campaign please contact Charles Alluto as above.

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