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Fern Valley

Experience the rich wealth of natural history in this wonderfully secluded valley with meadows and fern-covered wooded côtils.

This picturesque site, which covers approximately 25 vergées, is composed of two main valleys with a stream running through the centre of each. A large meadow lies centrally within the site and is surrounded predominantly by semi-mature deciduous woodland. This woodland contains a variety of trees including Holly, Oak, Ash and Sycamore, with numerous ferns populating the côtils.

In spring the valley is alive with a vibrant abundance of life as the meadows fill with blooming wildflowers such as Bluebell, Primrose, Ragged Robin, Marsh Thistle and even the rare Agrimony. In turn, these wildflowers attract a variety of colourful butterflies, including the Orange-tip whose caterpillars feed on Cuckoo-Flower, the Holly Blue and the Purple Hairstreak.

The most conspicuous mammal in Fern Valley is the Red Squirrel that you may see prancing through the trees or dashing across the floor in search of food. Voles and shrews also inhabit the woodland floor, attracting magnificent birds of prey such as Kestrels, Barn owls and Buzzards to the area.


Mont Cochon, St Helier

This secluded valley comprising meadows, streams and fern-covered wooded cotils makes a lovely place for a leisurely picnic and for the opportunity to spot Red Squirrels, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Golden-ringed Dragonflies.

There is limited parking at the site entrance just past the Waterworks pumping station.

There are no facilities on site and disabled access is limited due to narrow paths and steps.

MUST SEE: Look out for the spectacularly colourful Jersey Tiger-moth (Euplagia quadripunctaria), which is a very peculiar day-flying moth.