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Grève de Lecq Barracks

Grève de Lecq Barracks is the only surviving barracks left on the north coast of the Island. An excellent example of a self-contained military unit, the barracks retains many original features, including two prison cells and the ablutions block.

One of the few sheltered bays along the North Coast, Grève de Lecq has always been vulnerable to attack. In 1779 it became apparent that the French were making plans to invade Jersey. When half of their expeditionary force landed at Grève de Lecq, measures were immediately put in place to defend the bay. The defences at Grève de Lecq reached their peak in the early 19th century in direct response to a potential invasion by Napoleon. As a result the bay was further protected by Le Câtel Fort and Battery, Middle Battery, Valle du Fort Battery and a Round Tower. Manning these substantial defences required many troops and subsequently the construction of Grève de Lecq Barracks began in 1810. The Barracks was designed to accommodate up to 250 garrison troops stationed in the Island and it formed an integral part of the Island’s defence strategy for the north coast.

Grève de Lecq Barracks comprises two blocks for soldiers, each consisting of four barrack rooms, and two small rooms for non-commissioned officers. For the average soldier, living conditions were basic with space at a premium. The men were crowded into dormitories, about twenty to one room. A narrow bed would have been provided, together with a ration of coal for the fire. In contrast, the small central block provided accommodation for four officers, each enjoying the privacy of their own room with an open fireplace and built-in cupboards. The fireplace in one of the officers' quarters still retains the original grate, which bears reference to Queen Victoria and the initials of the Board of Ordnance.

Surrounding the site are a number of minor service buildings including a coal store, stabling, ablutions block and two prison cells for soldiers who had become drunk or unruly

Grève de Lecq, St Mary, JE3 2DT

Grève de Lecq Barracks is now home to ArtHouse Jersey. Visitors are welcome to explore the parade ground, however there is no access inside the buildings.

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