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Hamptonne Woods

Peaceful, secluded, and picturesque, Hamptonne Woods is truly a wonderful spot where natural beauty greets you at every turn.

Step into this magnificent wooded wonderland, with a tranquil stream running through the middle of the meadows, woodland paths for you to explore, and perfect opportunities for a picnic. Hamptonne Woods is a place of true relaxation, where you can escape from busy town life and grab a few hours indulging in the serene beauty of the area.

Le Don Sinkins – Waterworks Valley

Purchased from Jersey Water in memory of the late Richard Sinkins by his wife Gladys and daughter Veronica Simmons, Le Don Sinkins is a 35 vergée area of Waterworks Valley which extends from Mont Gavey to the north to the silt trap at the foot of Mont Suzanne comprised of wet meadows and wooded côtils.

The site was acquired in 2011 during the Trust’s 75th anniversary and helped to  further consolidate the Trust’s holdings in the valley which now permanently safeguards Hamptonne Country Life Museum and its beautiful surrounding wet meadows and woodland.

Since 2011 the Trust has constructed half a kilometre of additional footpath through the woods. Predominantly following an old mill leat, the path compliments the Millennium Footpath which runs parallel at the opposite side of the valley and offers a return loop for the less intrepid hiker, perhaps lacking the motivation to see the entire valley. Remnants of WW2 German ammunition caches and shelters can still be seen along the path where they once hid their contents from allied aerial reconnaissance.


Visit Hamptonne Country Life Museum

La Rue de La Patente, St. Lawrence

There is a small car park at the southern end of the footpath through Hamptonne woods. Alternatively, visitors can park in the Hamptonne Country Life Museum car park and walk to the footpath.

Facilities and Access
Disabled access is limited in the wood.
There are toilets and refreshments in the nearby Hamptonne Country Life Museum (entrance charge) if not a member of the National Trust for Jersey. Members of other National trust organisations will receive a 20% discount on entry.

MUST SEE Hamptonne woods is a brilliant place to watch wildlife, including the Buzzards that soar above the trees. Listen out for their distinctive cry.