Legacies are essential for our ongoing work. They enable us to save areas of land and built heritage at risk as well as maintain and manage those already under our care. Even small legacies can make a substantial difference to the work of the Trust and if you wish the money to be spent in a specific way you can let us know.

Leaving a gift in your will

Without legacies, we would face an uncertain future as a charity. They are that important. Caring for special places is a major responsibility. We do it because the alternative – losing the historic buildings, countryside and coast that we love would be unthinkable. As a charity, the memberships we receive are vital, but they are not enough to cover our on-going costs.

The gifts that generous supporters leave us in their wills vary each year, but can make a big difference to help us care for our 1300 vergées of land, 174 sites, 30 historic buildings and over 19,000 meters of footpath.

Can you help us to secure their future and to remember the causes you and your loved ones are passionate about? Any gift, no matter how large or small makes a lasting difference. Rest assured that whatever gift you leave will be used wisely and effectively.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to the National Trust for Jersey and perhaps visit some of our ongoing projects, then please contact Charles Alluto on 01534 483193.

In memory of a loved one

Only you can know your loved one’s connection with our work, may be there is a place that holds precious memories – a beach where you liked to walk together, a favourite view where you spent a memorable afternoon or two.

Your gift in memory could be used as a general donation to the Trust’s work or to protect a particular place in our care. Alternatively there may be a special project you can support to remember them.

There are only a couple of things to bear in mind. Many supporters want to sponsor benches and seating, but we would like you to consider some wonderful alternatives, like restoring a footpath, replacing a stile or planting a tree. If funds allow a piece of land or a building can be acquired in a person’s memory and will be duly acknowledged by one of our synonymous Le Don signs.

Donating a funeral collection

At the funeral or memorial service of a loved one, friends and family sometimes like to have the option of giving a donation to a charity. We are very grateful to all who remember their loved ones by making a gift to the Trust in this way. Funeral directors can arrange this for you and send your kind donations to us or alternatively, you might prefer to do this yourself. Cheques should be made payable to “The National Trust for Jersey”.

The difference your gift could make

The late Mrs Mollie Houston – A Legacy that is helping to safeguard St Helier’s heritage

In 2004 Mrs Mollie Houston bequeathed her house and a financial legacy of £300,000 to the Trust. As her house had been constructed in recent times Mrs Houston was happy for it to be sold and for the funds to be used for a specific Trust project. Following discussions with her Executor it was agreed that the legacy would be used to fund the restoration and repair of the early Georgian house, 16 New Street, which at the time was in a terrible state of disrepair and dereliction.

Mrs Houston had enjoyed a great interest in historic buildings and antiques. Her Executor felt that she would have been delighted for her legacy to be used in this way.

Upon the completion of the project it was agreed that 16 New Street would also be known as Le Don Houston in due recognition of Mrs Houston’s generosity.

In 2012 the Trust was advised that a further legacy would be forthcoming from the estate of Mrs Houston in the sum of £600,000. After careful consideration it was agreed that these funds would be used towards another historic building project in St Helier, namely the repair and refurbishment of the Foot Buildings. Once again these buildings are in a terrible state of disrepair and Mrs Houston’s legacy will ensure that they can be carefully repaired and given a sustainable future for the benefit of the Island.

Without Mrs Houston’s legacy and support the National Trust would have struggled to turn 16 New Street into the house museum and cultural hub that it is today. Her generosity of spirit has not only helped to save four historic buildings in the heart of St Helier but it has been instrumental in ensuring that these buildings will be enjoyed by generations of Islands for years to come.