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Morel Farm

A glance through the double arched gateway into the cobbled yard at Morel Farm provides a glimpse of the past. Despite an appearance of timelessness, the farm has undergone many alterations over the centuries providing a true reflection of changes in both the owners’ fortunes and Jersey’s agricultural heritage.

The house consists of a farmhouse and a range of outbuildings clustered around a cobbled courtyard, and two small plots of land to the north and east of the property. The farm is approached through a 17th-century double roadside arch which is considered to be one of the most perfectly proportioned in the island. The left arch is for wheeled traffic and the right for pedestrians. On the central chimney stack of the main house is the date 1716 with the initials PLG, perhaps Philippe Langlois, son of Matthieu born in 1686. This date clearly indicates that parts of the house are of a later date than the encircling wall and archway. Philippe Langlois may have altered the house by adding a bay to the west, which is reflected by the position of six windows on the first floor as opposed to the typical five.

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Morel Farm has a cobbled courtyard, which is rare in Jersey. The pebbles used in its construction may have been collected from beaches when vraic, Jerriais for seaweed, was gathered. To the right of the pedestrian arch is a mounting block built to help people mount horses and vehicles with ease.

The pressoir forms the eastern wing of the courtyard and contains a fine example of a circular granite apple crusher. In addition a boulangerie is located within a small building to the north of the courtyard. This building may have been a cottage and has been cleverly adapted to include some pigsties.

A later addition to the site is the Chapel which is dated 1858 and includes a small belfry in which hangs a ships belfry with the inscription `John Morel 1937’.

The historic farmstead was fully restored by the National Trust for Jersey in 2023 with funding from the States of Jersey Fiscal Stimulus Fund. It now offers three luxurious self-catering accommodation units, offering both locals and visitors the opportunity to stay in an historic farm in a beautiful rural setting

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