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St Peter’s Valley

St Peter’s Valley truly comes to life in spring when the paths are fringed with Wild Daffodil, Bluebell, and Lesser Celandine, earning the Valley’s reputation as one of the best woodlands to enjoy a variety of beautiful wild flowers.

Although relatively young, this woodland is thriving with wildlife: it contains a rich diversity of plant and tree species with trees such as the Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Beech, Ash, Wild Cherry and Sycamore, which in turn provide shelter for butterflies, woodland insects and many mammals including Red Squirrels.

Interestingly, as the woodland remains largely frost-free in winter, its damp and sheltered interiors provide ideal growing conditions for a wide rang of epiphytes, including mosses, liverworts and lichens. In autumn, an abundance of fungi, including uncommon species, can also be found.

St Peter’s Valley JE3 7EG
There are two car parks, one next to the Moulin de Quétivel and one further up St. Peter’s Valley by the mill pond.

There are toilets and refreshments located at Le Moulin de Quétivel and also at The Victoria in the Valley Public House.

MUST SEE This beautiful valley was once home to 8 of the 45 mills in the Island.  There are now just two left both under Trust care: Le Moulin de Quétivel and Tesson Mill. Here  you can learn about Jersey's heritage and gain key insights into the Island’s milling past.