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The Elms

The Elms is an attractive 18th century farm complex situated at the top of St Peter’s Valley.

Bequethed under the will of Nicolle John Perree in 1975, The Elms has been the Headquarters of the Trust since 1978. It has been the site of an important house for many centuries, with the oldest architectural remains dating from the 16th century.

The Elms comprises the main dwelling house, a subsidiary farmhouse, a dower house, an extensive range of outbuildings including a boulangerie and a pressoir, a walled garden, orchard and approximately 80 vergees of land.

Behind the early 20th-century cement render of the main house lies an imposing and substantial Georgian house dating from around 1740. The five-bay double-pile house was constructed in the English Georgian style with high quality punch dressed aslar stonework for the principal elevation, complemented by large elegant sash windows and a fine graduated slate roof. Surmounting the roof, but sadly lost, was once a belvedere or cupola allowing the owners extensive views of the valley and their lands.

The offices and council room have been sensitively constructed within the former apple store and latterly potato store of The Elms pressoir. Great care has been taken to provide a modern office environment without comprising the historic fabric and architectural integrity of the building. All the works are fully reversible with the majority of the construction and joinery work completed by Trust staff.

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Below the offices you will find the apple-crusher and press providing a unique insight in to an industry which once played a dominant role in Jersey’s agricultural landscape.

The Walled Garden was constructed in the mid 18th century as indicated by one of the granite stones near the main entrance. With the help of volunteers, the garden is used for the production of local trees, wild flower seeds, and a range of fruit and vegetables.

The Trust, together with the Jersey Cider Orchard Trust, established a new cider orchard at the Elms in November 2003. The 109 trees are made up of over 20 traditional Jersey cider apple varieties.

The Elms is located along La Chéve Rue at the top of St Peter’s Valley. The meadows and orchard are beautiful spots for picnics and during office hours access is also permitted to the office, pressoir, farmyard and boulangerie. The main house and farmhouse are tenanted and unavailable for viewing. Limited on-site parking is available.

The Elms, La Chève Rue, St. Mary, Jersey JE3 3EN.

Office open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

During office hours you are welcome to visit the pressoir, boulangerie, farmyard & walled garden

The main house and farmhouse are not open to the public.