Woodlands Workshops


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Woodlands Workshops

Forests and woodlands cover one-third of our planet’s land mass. Trees are the ‘lungs’ that clean the air, provide the homes for so many plants and animals, and a livelihood for millions of people. They also sequester and store carbon, so are essential in the fight against climate change.

The Woodlands workshops consist of three (half hour) activities and are designed to last 1.5 hours. Available venues: various NTJ woodlands – School ‘forest school area’, St Peters Valley (Le Don Gaudin), Waterworks Valley (below Hamptonne – Le Don Sinkins), Fern Valley, Jardin D’Olivet, Grantez

The school curriculum-linked activities are split into 3 main areas:

  • Learn about our woodlands
  • Explore our woodlands
  • Take action to save our woodlands

It is with the generous sponsorship of Jersey Electricity that has enabled us to not only create these wonderful educational activities, but to also provide them free of charge to schools and home-schooled children.

To arrange a Woodlands Workshop for your school, club or organisation, please get in touch with our Education Officer via the contact form below.